Metropolis External Clock Issue

I’m running clock from Ableton to the Metropolis and the Metropolis keeps skipping around and randomly rolling/speeding up. Video to demonstrate:

It’s been working fine for a couple months with the same settings and everything, it just started doing this today. It does it with every sound source I try + other devices have no trouble being clocked by Ableton so I’m assuming it’s something to do with the Metropolis. It doesn’t do this when using the internal clock only external.

Also, the BPM screen flickers around plus or minus from the Ableton 2-3 BPM while it’s playing (e.g. if the Ableton BPM is 120, the Metropolis display changes from 117-122 with each step.)

Firmware is v 1.30, and the settings (which have been working fine so shouldn’t be the issue) are:
Swing: 50
Int/Ext: C_EXT
Div: d1 01
Mode: Frd-F
Stages: PUL 16
Step/Div: STEP1

Has the unit gone bad or am I just doing something wrong?

Thank you

1.3 had a few timing issues that were sorted out in 1.36. I’d recommend upgrading the firmware first.

Does shortening the GATE TIME make a difference? Is the BPM locked on Metropolis? Does it do that with other clock sources?

Probably best to reach out to about this sort of thing.