Metropolis DIN sync with no internal clock divide?

Hi there,

I’m using the Metropolis with the new firmware 1.30. An E-RM Multiclock is syncing the Metropolis with DIN sync (24ppqn). I’ve set the Metropolis to C_D24.

The sync is super tight! But the internal clock divider doesn’t work when the Metropolis is synced via DIN. When I try to divide the clock with the div/di menu, the Metropolis doesn’t change his tempo.

Is this behaviour intended?

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Any comment, news or update from Intellijel?
I’m also interested in Metropolis DIN sync with internal clock divider which seems not working with firmware 1.30.

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The internal clock divider is disabled in din sync mode. I’ll have to add this feature.

Thank you very much, Kamil.

I had the same question yesterday to Kamil. He asked me to check the forum and I am glad to see the topic was already adressed here, as I need din sync in my rack too.
I tried to “emulate” din sync using the following settings:

DIV di 24

but this leads to unpredictive sync behaviour, Metropolis is running with random timing through the stages, there are no gates sent out. What’s the reason for that?


Wondering if this feature has been added? I too use Din Sync 24ppqn and the inability to change clock speed is a killer.

No not yet. I want to make sure all outstanding bugs, especially timing related, are nailed down first.

The problem was reported round about 6 months ago. Intellijel, please speedup the processing.

Kamil, any news here? I mean why did I need a DIN sync feature if not able to using internal clock divider.