Metropolis: clearing all ratchets doesn't work

Hello, I’m a recent owner of a Metropolis, and I’ve been having a great time with it. I think the ratcheting feature is a brilliant expansion to the original M-185 paradigm. One catch is that the manual currently states:

“All ratchets can be cleared by holding any SLIDE / SKIP button and clicking the encoder.”

and unfortunately this doesn’t seem to work for me.

By “clicking the encoder”, I presume this means to press down on the black encoder knob. So when I have one or more stages configured to ratchet, I press down on any of the Slide/Skip buttons and then press down on the black encoder knob, but the ratchets stay present.

Am I doing something wrong? Thanks for any feedback.

Hi @megarat,

It looks like you were doing something wrong because the manual is actually wrong. If you have a look at the Metropolis firmware video, it shows that you can clear ratcheting by holding the EXIT button and turning the encoder in either direction. Sorry for the confusion!

Thanks Scott, indeed that does the trick. I appreciate the clarity.

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