Metropolis Calibration for AUX v/oct question

What are good sources to calibrate with when you are not sure what sources output what kind of voltage?
I thought my Arp Odyssey Keyboard might be a good 0-1v source but its all up to 12v when i measure with a meter.

Any guidance here? The inputs don’t appear to react much right now without calibration.

I think the CV out from the Odyssey should work? The lowest possible key and then one octave up from that. You would need to measure it to be sure.

Are there other Intellijel modules I can use for calibration in place of a triatt or quadratt?

In the youtube video for the metropolis update 1.30 it mentions that you can use a micro scale and a quadratt to calibrate, but I currently don’t own a triatt/ quadratt, just he micro scale. Thanks

Do you have any other module that can provide a fixed offset into the µScale? Or do you have another generator of quantized voltages such as a MIDI-CV module or Keystep etc?

Not sure about modules with fixed offset, I don’t have a keystep but I do have a microbrute and minibrute which can send gate / pitch out on the back panel, could something like that work?

Yeah that should work, you just need to figure out which key corresponds to 0V and which one to 1V (they should be 1 octave apart)

Cool thanks Kamil, I’ll give that a try when I get home :slight_smile:

You mentioned that you have a micro scale, so if you have only C selected and no other notes you can be sure you’re sending some multiple of 1v.

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