Metropolis Aux Transpose

I’m a bit confused about how the following works

  • P.PrE - Shift the sequence before the quantizer, tracks 1V/octave.
  • P.PoST - Shift the sequence after the quantizer. Tracks 1V/octave.

I have tested this by patching up an RE-303 pitch CV but it doesn’t seem to transpose using these modes. However it does work with octave, and it works with:

  • P.PrEL - Shift the sequence before the quantizer by +/- 12 semitones. Suitable for usewith an LFO or other modulation source that is not pitch based.

I’m wondering if the quantizer might take issue with sliding pitch notes… or if my unit may not have been calibrated and thus these don’t work until I calibrate them?

If you updated the firmware on your Metropolis it’s possible that it was never calibrated to handle 1v/Oct at the AUX inputs. That would also explain why the original P.PrEL mode works but not the new P.PrE mode.

Calibration can be accessed under the CONFIG menu as CALIB. You just need to turn up the attenuators all the way and send 0V then press the encoder, and then send 1V and press the encoder for AUX A and then B.

If you need a hand with the process please e-mail


Thanks, i’ve done this and will see how it works out with something more stable as a pitch cv source, or a pattern that has no slides. guessing this might not play nicely with the pitch quantizer in the metropolis…