Metropolis and MIDI

Hello! I’m new to Eurorack but built a small system recently to go with my Elektron gear (Octatrack, Analog Rytm, Analog Four). I’m trying to figure out how (and if) I can control the start/stop of the Metropolis with my Octatrack. I have a Michigan Synth Works mBraine as the MIDI to CV interface (a Mutable Instruments Yarns clone) that I installed before adding a Metropolis to my rig. I know the Metropolis will respond to the uMidi module, but has anyone had success using other MIDI to CV interfaces? Sorry if this is obvious but I haven’t figured out yet how to configure everything, and if it’s just not possible without a uMidi, that would be good to know. :slight_smile: Thanks in advance!

Hi @kdownes, I’m not familiar with the mBrane or Yarns, but if it’s able to send a RUN signal, you can use this to control the start/stop of Metropolis if it is in rST_r (RESET RUN) mode with the RUN sent to the RESET input.

Hi Scott – thanks for the quick reply! I got it working – setting the Metropolis to rST_r as you suggested did the trick, along with some tweaking of the mBrane. In case this is useful to anyone else: I messed around with a lot of the settings on the mBrane, but what worked was using the 1M layout, setting the TEMPO to EX (external - in this case derived from the Octatrack), and the B- (BAR DURATION) to 0. This keeps the start trigger output high, and evidently works whether you’re using an external sequencer (the Octatrack) or the mBrane/Yarns’ internal sequencer. Hooray!

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