MdlrCase 1u (Intellijel)

Anyone have any experience with this?

I have both a Intellijel 4u 104hp and 7u 104hp. I was thinking of adding one of these with a few Intellijel unbuffered mults to make a kind of patch-bay for a BeatStep Pro.
My question though is what do they mean by:
“2 x aluminum 1U Intellijel size side plates to connect your rails together”
Does this mean the rail can be attached to a 4u Intellijel case??

I think it means that the holes in the side plates are spaced so that the attached rails will accommodate Intellijel tiles, versus Pulp Logic, et al.

Yeah I’m pretty sure mrhooks is correct. You might want to contact them for clarification.

My impression is that the side plates hold the two rails together and they are spaced to the Intellijel 1U specification. The bottom will be open so you can attach your ribbon cables there. Then I’m guessing you can mount the side plates on the inside of one of their cases. 84HP is the width of a standard gear rack so it would nice if they had an option with rack mounting ears. I don’t see how you could mount this onto an Intellijel 4U or 7U case without making some kind of housing that you could mount.

Good find apeirophobe! If anyone is looking for 3rd party 1U solutions at least now I can send them this.