Making Metropolix behave exactly like Metropolis


I recently upgraded to a Metropolix, but I find the Metropolis has a much more ‘musical’ feel, and is much easier to achieve quicker results on
It feels like it’s something to do with the groove, due to the gate lengths. The ‘gate scale’ thing might throwing me a bit. I can’t get the two sequencers to ‘feel’ the same even at the most basic settings.
The Metropolis always feels better to me.
Does anyone else find this? Maybe it’s user error.

Is there a way to setup the Metropolix to behave exactly like Metropolis?
Are there parameters I need to turn on/off in the menu, like ‘gate stretching’?
Can we disable the ‘gate scale’ function?


if you are assigning one of the control knobs to Gate length, use the gate length destination, not gate scale. (the details on differences are in the manual)

play with the different slide types, you can turn off gate stretching as well, that would also behave closer to the original

Great! Thanks for your help.
Do you know what gate scale should be set to to behave more like Metropolis?

gate scale should be 100%

Great! Thanks