Long-form modular jam

Anyone who sees me post knows that metropolix is my favorite module, but Planar 2 is the real MVP in this patch. You wouldn’t be able to necessarily tell by the video, but I’ve got a looping CV modulation with the X and Y axis going into the Worng Electronics Vector Space, where it’s being mixed with the output of one of my complex Oscillators envelope outputs for modulating and panning things around in the patch. The CV inputs on Planar 2 are being modulated by two put of phase LFOs from Modbox which are being synced to my kick. The D quadrant of Planar 2 is also going out to modulate the cutoff of the OVERSEER stereo filter, which is on my master bus. I can playbwirh the HP and LP knobs to steer the modulation coming from Planar. This has proven to be a very fun patch to play, and I don’t see myself tearing it down anytime soon as I can to tweak things until I’m happy with the result.

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