Listening to euroracks -what speakers

Hi, I am about to set up my first Eurorack system and was wondering what experienced Eurorack users use as amplification/speakers for their systems. I was thinking of a small but good quality unit like iloud. This is for everyday use, not for use in large rooms/halls when I would send the sound through a PA.
All suggestions and advice would be very welcome. Thanks in advance.

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Welcome to the world of Eurorack!

I have three sets of speakers.

A set of Dynaudio Lyd 5 for my main workspace which I use for mixing and mastering.

A set of Genelec 8010A hooked up to my permanent Eurorack studio case. I use those for listening while patching and recording.

A set of IK iLoud that I often bring with me on the road or when playing for a smaller audience in an informal space.

The Genelec speakers sound fantastic and are very compact. I’d definitely recommend them if they are within budget. The iLoud speakers also sound very good for the price, plus the portability is a great bonus :slight_smile:.

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This is a looming issue for me also.

Any particular reason why you chose the Dynaudios for mixing and the Genelecs for patching/monitoring?

I’m more space-constrained than I am budget-constrained, so this means I can have only moderately-sized pair that will be good for as many use cases as possible. They should be good, but not so good that they outshine my deliberately minimal setup.

I bought the speakers in the order they’re listed. The Dynaudio have an all-around warmer and gentler sound than the Genelecs which tend to be harsher and more unforgiving, especially at the smaller sizes. When I AB’d them I just found the replication and sound stage of the DA much easier to work with.

I originally bought the Genelecs to bring to small gigs, but found that they work well for the close range I usually work at with the bigger modular installation, so they ended up stuck there, which created the need for another portable solution, thus the iLoud :).

Also, the Genelecs are heavy for their size so…

As you can see there wasn’t really a thought out strategy but more a meandering exploration :smile:

Thank you all so much for your advice. Much appreciated.

One further question HaltRun. Is that the iLoud micro monitors, or the iLoud single unit? Thanks.

It’s the Micro Monitors.
There is also a special carry case that you can get for them if you move them around often… :slight_smile:

Ok, that is good to know. Many thanks.

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I love the Genelecs too. I have the 8010s at home (for whatever I bring home to play with), and teh 8030 with my main eurorack, and 8040s in the larger shared space. I’ve not used them for synth duty yet, but have a pair of Bose L1 if I’m going to be working in a larger space outside (I hope, but am not there yet). I’m not rich… work owns them. But the 8010s are wonderful.

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And the iloud Micro Monitors can cope with performing live at a small venue? The single unit iloud speaker is the one they market for musicians playing a live performance. Guess it’s the old question about using nearfield monitors for live gigs. Thanks.

In my personal experience, if well positioned, they work for small private gigs and really small venues like a small cafe or lobby or smaller shop…

Many thanks for your reply. Much appreciated.

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This is a really interesting topic in the book Mixing Secrets by Mike Senior. Aside from nice studio monitors, a couple of key take-aways for me were to replicate real-world listening environments. This involves listening to your music through a single mono speaker like the Avantone Mix Cube and a lo-fi “grotbox” like a pair of cheap stereo speakers placed side by side to test for intelligibility in your mix.