Link 4u palette case with 7u performance?

Can the 4u palette cases join with the 7u performance cases using the hinges in the same way 2 7u cases can join? In a few months since getting into euro I have outgrew my 7u 104hp and am looking to extend it. It’s called eurocrack for a reason!

I can’t find a 7u case anywhere so am exploring this option. If the 7u cases are in stock anywhere please let me know.

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No, the Palette cases are not compatible with the 7U joiners. Also note that the 4U joiners are for the original 4U cases and are not compatible with the Palette cases.

ok thanks @ScottMFR - Is there any update on when some 7u 104 might hit the market?

I built a really simple (and flat packable) stand for the same combo:


Hi. Sorry but would something like work with two 104 HP 4U Palette cases?

mos def!
I purpose built this one for a performance case on top with a pallet as a control skiff… but I bet it would work with two pallets without needing alteration… although, I’d probably want to alter it a bit.
Here is what it looks like in my setup (so you can judge the angles, etc (…and I obviously dig plywood)):


Yeah that looks great! Did you make a little one for the 62HP Palette too?

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The little one is on a temporary stand I cobbled together with some spare bits and bobs (It’s a singer-friends vocal processor and we’re just trying to figure out how much we want to integrate them beyond just sharing a clock for a project:). This is the stand for the 62hp:

Wow. That looks ace. Are you able to share any measurements for the stand? I’d be very grateful as I’m looking for something to help me organise two 104 palettes.

Sure. Bunches of the measurements are sort of arbitrary (angles should be to your ergonomic liking etc), but here are the important bits:


Thanks very much! :smiley: Now for me to cause some damage with some woodworking equipment!

AMAZING! You’re speaking my language brand-wise too. My 7U 104HP case is getting full and I’m thinking a 4U 104HP is all I’ll ever need in addition to the 7U. (Wishful thinking?) I just bought the Make Noise Blued Steel stand though and it is absolutely perfect should I stop at 208HP…or maybe I can just lay the 4U flat…?

Any chance you’d sell one of these? This is perfect but I don’t have the tools to make something that clean. Name your price!

Funny you should ask, I just switched to a two 7U performance case set-up and am no longer using my wooden stand… so, sure!

Where do you live?

Oh man you’re awesome. I’m downsizing from the 14u setup to an 11u. Mind reaching out to me at and we can set it up?