Linix - Mutamix link cable makes Mutamix weird out

I finally got around to connecting my Linix to my Mutamix using the rear link cable. Audio moves from the Linix to the Mutamix as expected, but now the mute buttons on the Mutamix don’t work (the fader LEDs switch on/off but the audio doesn’t mute) and the faders have only a tiny impact on volume, lowering it only slightly from full level rather than reducing it down to zero at the bottom of the fader throw.

The Mutamix operates normally if I patch signals in from the Linix on the front panel.

Am I misperceiving what the link is supposed to do? I assumed it’s meant to eliminate the need for exterior patch cable hookups between the two modules but leaves the functionality of both modules as is.

I’m using only the basic audio mixing capability of the Mutamix, and I’ve verified that I’m not in X-Mode.

Thanks for any tips!

Hi George,

One thing that threw me off when I was messing around with the two connected is that channel 6 always functions as the SUM of the other channels unless the outputs on Linix are connected. Could it be that you’re still hearing the channel because the SUM channel is active?

Hi Scott,

Ah, of course! I read that in the manual but it didn’t register in my wee brain. I muted Channel 6 and now everything is right with the world.

Thanks -

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Ah ha! Glad I could help sort that out…

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