Lightbath X intellijel - Anywhere in Nature • Renfrew

A lush sonic exploration in beautiful surroundings by Lightbath

Very cool to see the portability of the palette cases being put to such good use! Where would you take your Palette cases to jam if you could play anywhere?


Here’s mine on the 5 1/2 hour train journey I take every week from Copenhagen where work to Stockholm where my girlfriend lives. It’s pretty dark these days so the view isn’t quite so nice, but very inspirational in the spring, summer and autumn. Every Sunday, I select a new set of modules from my 7U case to bring with me for the week.


In 1998 I lived in Lund for a year (university exchange) and this was before the bridge existed so we used to go to Copenhagen by bus and ferry. 5.5 hours to get from Copenhagen to Stockholm actually sounds pretty efficient! The darkness at this time of year is a lot to deal with though :stuck_out_tongue: Cool to see the Palette used this way and hopefully the blinking lights are bringing you some warmth. I am guessing you are using a battery pack for this? Or does the train have AC? There are quite a few inexpensive power banks you can buy now that will output 15V and last for many hours connected to a Palette or even a 7U case for that matter.


Lund is a lovely town! Yeah, 5.5 hours is pretty good considering door-to-door by plane is about 4 hours (and you only get to sit down for one of them!). The seats are comfy and, yes, they have two AC outlets. But I’m panning on getting a power bank so I can take it with me out into the incredible nature in Sweden and make like Lightbath. Thank you so much for making products that really expand what you can do with Eurorack (and where!)

I’ve been doing a series I call “Modular By Nature” where I process environmental sounds in real-time using my modular. I power my 7U case along with a shotgun mic and preamp using an Aimtom power pack.


This is such a great idea. Really the epitome of modular – rewarding the spontaneous and the accidental.

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Thanks @calvertc! I should be posting another one soon that I recorded last weekend. I used the fire in a wood stove as the main audio source for the mic.

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And here it is:


This is GREAT! Fantastic mood. Now… where’s my glass of tawny port?