Legacy Audio I/O 1U into Palette = No...?

It’s there any way to connect the legacy 1U Audio I/O to the four jacks on the 104 Palette?

I held onto a couple of these modules, and now I’m realizing I’m kinda out of luck. But maybe a custom cable might work…? One that splits the 10-pin into a proper pair of 6-pin connectors? Or are the electronics incompatible?


It will work if you make a custom cable.

Awesome. Can you possibly forward the pinouts for both ends, the 10-pin and 6-pin?


This is the pinouts of the 7U case - you can see the 6-pin and 10-pin - Tip, Ring and Sleeve pins for each.
I fab’d up one a few weeks ago and it works great!


Thank you SO much!! I appreciate everyone here, come to think of it… :slight_smile: