Korg Nanokey Studio to 7U/uMidi


I’ve done a bit of research, but I can’t seem to find an answer for this. I have a 7U case w/ uMidi 1U.

I also have a Korg Nanokey Studio that I want to use as a pitch controller for some of my modules. The Nanokey has midi USB out.

I’ve gotten it to work with Ableton as a go-between, but I’m wondering if I can get rid of ‘the middle man’ as I have very little space for my set up.

Can I just get a Type A female to Type B Male converter and plug the Nanokey directly into the 7U Case?

Many thanks in advance!

The uMidi module is not a USB host, just a device, so there would need to be a host (Computer) in between the two.

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