Korg Monologue sequencer and Atlantis

Wondering if its possible, I believe it should be to use the Korg Monologues sequencer with the Atlantis,
the Monologue does not have CV / Gate but I have seen MI Clouds been used from the Korg Minilogue output, which the Monologue shares, the Monologue also has a sync in and out for use with a daw and the volca series.


In what manner was Clouds used with the Minilogue? I’m guessing they were just running the audio output into Clouds to use it as an effect?

If you want to use the sequencer to send melodies to Atlantis, the only way would be to use the MIDI out from the Monologue through a MIDI to CV converter like µMIDI.

You could use the SYNC out to trigger the Atlantis S&H to create synched random melodies or filter modulation at least.

Hi Scott, thanks for your reply, it was a sonic state video, and yes I think your exactly right.

The output of the Minilogue going to the input of Clouds, and then the output of the Clouds stereo going out to the main mix.

Ok thats good to know, I could at least play around with the Sample & Hold & Sync out, until I have a midi to CV converter.

Just one last question can your µMIDI and 1u midi module both perform the same tasks required here? i can see that they both have voice and clock.

Thanks again, Scott.

µMIDI comes in both a 3U and 1U version with no difference in functionality. They both provide monophonic PITCH, GATE&TRIG, VEL, CC, MOD, and Clock from a single MIDI channel. So yes, as long as the Monologue send the sequence over MIDI, you could use that to play the Atlantis, and also clock sync S&H, and use the modwheel to control parameters.

The only difference is that the 1U version does not have the jacks, so you need to either connect it to the MIDI jacks on an Intellijel case, or get the separate MIDI jacks module.