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Jumpers on Mutamix rev004



Recently got a Mutamix, but when checking the jumpers it seems the layout is totally different from the one described/shown in the manual, see picture below.

My questions:

  1. Can the firmware of this version of the Mutamix be upgraded to the most recent version? There is an ISP plug (not shown on the picture).

  2. Does this version support the 5V jumper setting explained in the manual? No other jumpers can be set than those shown on the picture.

  3. What do the “FADER LOG/LIN” jumper settings do?

Thanks in advance,

Bad Maxton


Looks like you’ve got an early version of Mutamix.

I just sent you a reply to your support e-mail.


Thanks a lot for that.

Summary of Scott’s answers for future reference:

  1. Yes.
  2. Likely not.
  3. Log vs. linear response for faders, but does not make major difference.