Joining System & Palettes


Is the joining system for the 7U a published spec etc (much like Arturia has done for Rackbrutes awful system)?

I know the palettes don’t have an interface to the performers, but is there any means to mount them together? Dimensionally how do they line up? Could a custom bracket fit the screw holes of the palette and be inline with the performers bracket slots? Dimensionally I don’t know how the cases compare or line up :man_shrugging:t3:

I’m trying to weigh up space and functionality and thinking a palette might work well, if I can attach it to a performer. I’m fully equipped with CNC machines and metal working galore, so if it’s doable, then keen to give it a shot :see_no_evil: - plus have some ideas on interesting brackets for my 7U as well :thinking:


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