Joining 2 7u performance cases side by side

I was wondering if anyone has had any success joining two 7u performance cases side by side. In my case it would be two 84hp so I would essentially have a 168hp wide case.

The idea is that I wouldn’t have a gap between them, as the clips for the lids prevent them from touching.

It appears the side panels are removable, so I guess some sort of bracket to connect them is what I’m looking for.

I can assume you don’t want to get rid of the side brackets that house the leg support system. With that in mind a U bracket at each end and changing the screws to Allan head socket screws so you can grind down an Allan key to get the narrowest possible gap between the cases. If you lived in the Toronto area I be happy to help, I was a machinist at one point in my life.

I would actually be fine with removing the panels that hold the legs to minimize the gap in between. The only issue I have is that screws in those panels are what support the crossbars for mounting modules.

In theory I could use some sort of dowel between the cases to support the crossbars, then drill holes into the inside panels between cases and connect them together with a screw and nut, you’d only ever see those holes from the inside or if you unattach the cases and don’t have the side panels on.

Do you have any recommendations on what to use for the dowel things? They’re threaded holes but obviously I can only thread one side in. I’m thinking even a short piece of wire could work