Does anyone rock 2 Jellysquashers for stereo signals?
I really like the Tape and XFORM color modes on. Though I lose the stereo signal from my external synths, so thinking I need another one. Makeup is a good input for modulation.

What does the Link IN and OUT do exactly? The manual reads “create a stereo pair”

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Link outputs the envelope, so it can be used as an envelope follower or you can use that output to go into the link in to have them in stereo configuration.


I bought the second Jellysquasher and they sound great post output of the Rainmaker.

I still don’t understand what Link is doing. Also do I need to cross connect Link OUT to Link IN for each? (2 wires). Or just one way (Master-Slave)

So cross-link or one way link is correct?

I haven’t actually ever experimented with this. The manual just says: “Connect the LINK (OUT) signal from another Jellysquasher to create a stereo pair.” So that leads me to believe that only a one-way connection is necessary, but I don’t think a two way connection would do any harm and it might be tighter? Worth experimenting!

If I recall correctly, the LINK output is the signal generated by the detector of the Jellysquasher, if you connect the LINK OUT to the LINK IN then it overrides the detector of the linked Jellysquasher such that it just uses the signal from the first one. So the connection only needs to be one way. I haven’t used the configuration myself, but I think that’s how it works.

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I’ve been playing around with this. I’m getting good sounds, but am trying to figure out how it’s working. It seems that sending the signal generated by the RMS detector overrides the linked Jellysquasher’s filter cutoff, threshold, ratio, attack, and release settings. The makup values of the two Jellysquashers function independently.

Edit: after spending some more time playing with two linked Jellysquashers, it seems that what I posted above isn’t quite correct. I’ll keep looking into what’s going on, but any guidance about how the link output and input are expected to work would be appreciated.

Have a look at the signal flow diagram on page 9 of the Jellysquasher manual

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My understanding is that the LINK out provides an envelope follower. I believe this overrides the Threshold, Ratio, Attack and Release settings but should not effect filter cutoff Input or Makeup gain, or any of the tone controls.

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It seems that both the LINK(IN) and LINK(OUT) jacks output the envelope that’s generated by the RMS sensor. After connecting two Jellysquashers with one patch cable, LINK(OUT) -> LINK(IN), changing threshold, ratio, etc values on either Jellysquasher will change the output of the LINK jacks on both Jellysquashers.

I was surprised by this, but it works very well. My assumption is that the output of the two RMS detectors is being mixed and applied to both modules.

It would be great if there was a Discourse plugin for diagramming synth patches in posts. It’s hard to describe how modules are connected with words. :slight_smile: