µJack jumpers


I just got a new µJack rev. II module. On the back, there’s a 6-pin “Expand” connector with two jumpers on it. They are not explained in the old rev. I manual. Can you tell me, what the jumpers are for?


From the manual:
6-pin header on back of module and ribbon cable for connecting directly to the outputs of
an Intellijel Dubmix or Azimuth II.

That was not my question. There are two jumpers (bridges) installed on two of the three pair of pins. I wonder, what these jumpers are for. From my first testing, the mono/stereo-switch didn’t work correctly. After removing the first jumper, it did.

The jumpers need to be on the header if the ribbon cable is not connected in order to facilitate the Mono - Stereo normalling. They should be on the top 2 sets of pins.

OK, thanks, that’s what I wanted to know :slight_smile:

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