Issue with mult jacks on 4u pallette

I just purchased a 4u 62hp palette case and I really like the form factor. However, after installing my modules, i noticed that Tendrils cables pop/slip out of the built in mult jacks. I haven’t had this issue with any modules, including intellijel modules. has anyone else had this issue with the jacks of the built in mults?

I’ve not used that brand of cables but I’ve had no problems with using Intellijel’s own cables with my palette case. Not sure if that helps, though.

I have a few palettes here all with tendrils (bought the cables a few years ago) multing out clocks/resets. I’ve never had an issue with the tendrils (or any cables) popping out or feeling loose.

Best to contact for support.

I have had the same issue. My older palette 62HP case handles the Tendrils no problem. Rock solid. My newer 104HP palette does not. They never seem to go in all the way and if I am not paying attention to how far they go in they definitely pop out on their own, especially when perturbed by nearby patching. Until this post I just learned to live with it and chocked it up to bad luck/some machining variance that cannot be reasonably be detected in QA.

I returned the palette case to the retailer and am waiting for another one to arrive.

thanks for confirming that i’m not crazy, hehe. It could be that Intellijel uses jacks from a different supplier because of the way that the jacks mount to the circuit board on the palette cases.

All jacks come from the same supplier, the same one that makes our module jacks and the jacks for 90% of the other Eurorack brands including Makenoise and Mutable (Wenzhou Qingpu)

The Palette jacks are a right angled style and are not the same we use on our modules. Also the type changed from WQP-PJ302M (first year of Palette production) to WQP-WQP729JH since the PJ302M became obsolete.

We test the jacks with Ad Infinitium cables but it is only recently that someone has mentioned having trouble with Tendrils specifically. As Wes pointed out, he is not having an issue with his Palettes and Tendrils. This could mean that the problem you are experiencing is isolated.

It will be helpful to determine if the problem is with the PJ302M, WQP729JH but it could also simply be “rogue” bad jacks that were damaged/warped during soldering. I am also curious why this would only happen to Tendril cables.

To confirm, my Tendrils are about 3 years old, I’m not sure if they have changed anything on their end. I have 2x62 palettes and 2x104 palettes, my tendrils are working in all the jacks on all the cases.

here’s a video of the issue I was having with the palette case I sent to Intellijel support.

I exchanged the case with the retailer. I’ll let you know how that works out.