Is there a midi thru TRS strategy for midi native modules in the case?

I have the 7u performance case with the midi 1u and CV 1u, which is great . I have my sequencer plugged into the back of the case, and that’s patched to my voices in the case via the 1u and the CV1u.

But I’m looking at integrating modules which have a midi TRS on their panel, for example the Bitbox sampler. It would be great if there was a MIDI thru split of that incoming MIDI broken out onto a 1u TRS so I could run a trs midi cable straight to the Bitbox.

I of course know there isn’t an Intellijel module for this but has anyone tried making one? Any tips. Would I be OK making a 3 way unbuffered split from the back panel to a DIY breakout?

Lastly - I think this would be a great simple passive module for Intellijel to make . Two TRS outs on a 1u 2hp panel would be enough.

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