Is Quadrax still in production?

I was looking for a quadrax for months back in 2021. Now I’m looking again and it seems it’s been sold out for a long time still.

Is this a module that will be produced again?

I’m happy to wait if they’re going to do more runs, but also happy to move on if it’s done.

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We finally tracked down the one chip that was holding up production for more than a year! I don’t have a firm date but we will have a bunch coming out over the next few weeks. Also more Tetrapads finally too.


This is great news - I’ll continue to keep an eye out at Detroit Modular and Perfect Circuit!

thank you for the reply!


Hey Danjel, you’ll know that everyone in the community will be glad of this. Thank Heavens. Do you think you are now near to shipping the Quadrax to the UK retailer/distis?

In stock at Nightlife

After trying to buy a Quadrax all year, I finally got one! I can see why nobody wants to sell theirs :grin:

I still don’t see them at any US retailers, so I got impatient and imported it from Nightlife Electronics. They still have some…


Glad you finally got one! We have tons shipping out this week and next. All backorders will be filled and we will have additional ones on top of that too.


That’s great news! I made a pre-order from Detroit Modular last week, hopefully they get their orders filled soon!! :smiley:

Hi buds!! Just wondering if there are any updates on US order estimates, I’ve been so excited to fill the Quadrax-shaped hole in my case (and heart) since ordering one from Perfect Circuit at the beginning of the year : ))

(Finally found one at Detroit Modular in the US for those looking!)

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That’s where I got mine! Arrived last week!

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