Is Pladask Matrise pedal a danger to the Intellijel 1U Pedal Integrator?

In the Pladask Matrise manual it states that:

MATRISE utilizes a chargepump to boost its supply voltage to 17 volts. This leaves
you with an increase in headroom, important for preventing the mixer from coloring
your sound. This is useful for instance in situation where you are running pedals in
feedback loops.

I don’t understand how that’s possible in a pedal that takes 9v DC power, but disregarding that, 17 volts sounds like it could damage Eurorack modules. Does the Intellijel 1U Pedal Integrator have sufficient protection against this voltage on it’s audio return?

It’s not a danger at all. Supply voltage isn’t really a factor in whether something is compatible with an audio I/O standard. It only tells you what voltage is being used to supply the electronic components. This can in the end affect the max amount of voltage output, but when you’re dealing with eurorack it’s not typically a concern since the levels are so high.

It uses 17v to create the potential for a ±8.5v voltage swing potential for the incoming audio. For reference, eurorack has +12v and -12v power rails, and 10v peak to peak is the typical standard used for audio signals.

It mentions that this is useful in effect loops because sometimes effect loops are line level (higher than guitar level, lower than eurorack level still).