Is is possible or even stable to stack a 3rd 7u case on top of a stack of 2

Just wondering how feasible it is to add a 3rd 7u performance case to my 14u stack of 2.

  1. is it possible with the joiner plates? Seems like the angle would be wrong. As it would need to stack vertically.

  2. would it even be stable?

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I made my own 168hp 3u case and brackets to attach to the sides of my 7u cases for a third case on top of my 6 7u cases I used the already present screws on the 7u cases at the side on top and then mounted my 3u on top. I would be happy to send a picture if I knew how on this forum… I also made my own joiner plates with different angle, however I don’t think joiner plates are stable enough to add a third 7u on top even if you custom made your own. So I have 3 7u and then joined with 3 more 7u with custom made joiners and then a 3u on top of that and it’s very stable

I think the angle would be too tight personally. I ended up getting a 104hp Palette for in front of my 7U cases, and I had a custom made 100hp case that attaches to a set of the intellijel joiner plates to add another 4u on the top of my cases. Works out well, gives me pretty much the same space as 3x 7U cases, and I can adjust the angle of the upper case.

I’d love to see a picture. I’m trying to get my head around what you’re describing and it’s breaking my brain.

When you click reply you should get a little upload button appear which you can use to attach an image

Nice. Any reason you wouldnt just attach a 104hp pallets to the top? There was a thread a while back where someone had made some palette side panels that attached.

I think the pallette would be too wide as is, unless I had custom sides made for it that incorporated the case connector shape. But that’s beyond my scope of DIY ability. :slight_smile:
If I recall the case you’re referring to, The builder had pretty much a straight up angle for the top, which when sitting would be hard to reach I imagine, especially when I have a pallette in from of the 7u cases.

Besides, with what I have now, I can adjust the angle of the upper case in any position I like. I’ll upload some pics later this morning. I have a work meeting to get on in a few minutes…

For the brackets that I made for the top case I can send a diagram


Goliath indeed! Nice system :slight_smile:

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Here’s my cases for reference, and a closeup of how the 7U brackets are used with tension knobs to adjust the upper case at any angle. I keep that upper case almost like a separate self-contained system for the Tiptop/Buchla modules. I can just pull that off, the brackets act as a stand for that case, and along with the Palette, act as a little 6U system.

Holy hell, I wasn’t expecting that. Wow.
You do have me thinking though, perhaps 4 performance cases 2 x 2 side by side is better than adding more above or in front. I just need a wider desk.

This looks great too. The cases in the middle look kinda hard to reach though, is that the case?

Part of it is the wider angle zoom from my iPhone. Makes it look extra deep in that pic. I’m 6ft tall, and from my chair, I have no trouble reaching any of the rows.