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Intellijel Videos


Hey guys,

If you have any requests for future videos, or feedback on our existing videos, I’d be happy to hear it!

Currently I’m working on a video to showcase the new Springray 2, and the Tetrapad should come soon after.


Your videos have be great so far IMO. You manage to demo a lot of features in a fast pace. Much appreciated. Also, great to see attention to older modules. Looking forward to the SR2 and TP vids.


I already have one and love it, but a Rubicon video would still be very interesting to get more ideas about Tzfm, getting more ideas about using the numerous outputs experimentally or mathematically with a scope, and anything else i just have never thought about with such an open ended module

Im sure many without the module have a hard time justifying the rack space without hearing how awesome it can be too.


Here’s our first video on the Rubicon 2! The next one will be a more in depth overview.

I might do a separate video just on TZFM. Let me know if there’s anything in particular that you want me to demonstrate or explain.


There’s so much new about this module - especially relative to mk1 - that it’d be awesome to see an in-depth overview of each function alongside a scope to really get a sense of what everything does! For such a relatively “minimal” looking module (quotes intentional to highlight the very clean interface design), it really seems like there are so many sweet spots under the hood that you might miss on first glance.

e.g. www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_AsddXS20k


How about some uncommon patch ideas for the Jellysquasher or more indepth on the sidechain?