Intellijel Tetrapad / Tete Voltage Mode + Gate Out


just ordered the tetrapad (which is still on it’s way) and now i’m thinking about ordering the tete expander as well.

But can anyone tell me if it is possible setting the tetrapad to voltage mode and having the tete put out a gate signal as long as any of the pads is pressed? In the manual it only says something about a trigger signal.

Thank you very much and best regards,

Yep! You can setup one of the Sync/A/B Outputs to “Touch” and it will go high when the pad is touched.


You mean this section, right?

Touch* : Outputs a +5V trigger whenever any of Tetrapad’s four pads is touched.

So trigger is not only a short trigger pulse, the output stays high as long as a pad is pressed?

It should say gate. It stays high when you keep touching the pad. I’ll let the manual writer know.