Intellijel Tete Random Sequences

Hy guys…is it possible to make Random Sequences in the Tete?

Not technically sequences, but in voltages mode there’s a few ways to select banks via CV. For example if you set the TRIG input to Bank Rand it will select a random bank whenever it receives a trigger. You could also send a random S&H and assign the XYZ inputs to Bank X/Y.

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In addition to Scott’s suggestion (which is almost like the Cartesian mode in Rene2), the other thing I love to do in Voltages mode:

  1. Assign CV X to Offset (Pad). This will sample the CV at X every time the pad changes.
  2. I use my Noise tools 1U (Thanks @ScottMFR and team for fixing this), to generate random CV voltages using S+H, and put that into the X CV. Attenuate to adjust how far the pitch will deviate from the setting on the pad with the random voltage.
  3. If you have your sequence set to quantize, ie. Mixolydian) any of the pitch offset from the X CV will still be in the same mode/scale/key.
  4. Put a VCA or Planar2 between Noise Tools (or a random source) and CV X on Tete, and now you can modulate the amount of variation in your sequence created with the random voltage at CV X.
    This patch - with Tete, Tetrapad, Noise Tools 1U and Planar2 - make for a very dynamic performance that can go from repetitive Metropolis-style 8- or 16- note loops to all-out generative passages and back- and all in key.
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I had this all patched, so I figured why not record a demo of this in action.
You can see I have the random voltage going through Planar2 B channel (a VCA), into the X CV.
To describe the soundclip:
The first 16 bars or so is an 8 note sequence on Tete in Voltages mode - being performed on Dixie2+/Rubicon2/Bifold, with Quadra envelopes.
Then at 0:08 I move the joystick towards B to allow the pitch to start deviating.
Going back and forth you can smoothly go from the familiar sequence to what comes out like a solo phrasing, then back to the familiar…
at 0:15, I start patching other Tetrapad outputs to sequence variations in Rubicon TZFM, Warp amount and modulate Bifold folding.
at 0:41, I mix is some echo and reverb for atmosphere, and jam away. At 1:15, I start playing around with octave switch on Rubicon2.
Enjoy! And go patch this for yourself!


Would it be possible to implement a one button random sequence function in the near future? That would be awesome!

Maybe? That would be a @slowwild question.

Tete would need some way to know how long of a random sequence to generate if you were to be able to generate a random melody with one button. I’m not sure this is necessary because it’s pretty easy to manually enter a few random notes by tapping pads, although that does take longer than a single random sequence generator would. I can see having a Randomize Sequence TRIG option being fun though. Meaning it would take the length of any existing sequence and randomize it.

That’s a fun jam @studioutopia! I’ll have to give that a try. Sounds like a great way to perform the level of randomization in a sequence.


That would be so cool!

I can add it to the wish list, wouldn’t be able to comment if we would add it or when. But we’ll stick it on there.


You are fantastic!