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Intellijel Quadrax

Hey guys,

Any update on the Quadrax module?



Bump bump bump.

Nothing yet? Really?

This longtime Quadra (& Expander!) owner also is desperate to know if there might be a Quadrax in my future.

There really aren’t great modulation options for those of us who are HP-restricted.

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Exactly. And I’m sorry for advertising a competitor in this forum but Klavis Quadigy is a strong contender for that.

I’ll probably get the one that comes out first.

From previous comments it is definitely coming but without an exact date, and I remember it was implied somewhere to be in the near future.

I think “soonish” was the latest forecast.


“Soonish” = 1 month away? 3 months? 6 months?

I appreciate that an exact answer is likely impossible, but even an approximate timeframe would be extremely appreciated.

They’ve been sent to manufacturing, so whenever that is done, then testing, calibration, and fixing any problems that crop up in the process.


We all have a case of the Quadrax Enthusiasm Fever here :face_with_thermometer: :wink: :heart:

Thanks :slight_smile: I know we may seem cagey at times with release dates, but a lot of the time it’s because we’re simply unsure ourselves when things will be ready so it’s best not to get people’s hopes up and then disappoint them if something goes wrong. A lot of the process is out of our control so there’s only so much we can do to keep it on schedule. We’re just as excited to have these modules roll out as everyone else :slight_smile: