Intellijel performance case power midi keyboard via usb

Hi All,

Going to be jamming with a band and I have the MIDI 1u in my performance case. My MPK261 doesn’t come with a power adaptor and is traditionally powered via USB while plugged into my computer.

Will the intellijel 7u performance case power my MPK if i was to plug it into the case via USB or will i have to buy a separate power adaptor for the keyboard? the last thing i want to do is fry anything.


USB-B sockets (like on the performance case) don’t typically provide power since they’re intended to be on the device end of the connection.

You could add a 1U USB Power tile to the case and then use a “USB power enhancer” cable - those are traditionally used to supply additional power to devices that want more than the port can supply (external drives, LEDs etc).

Watch out for the power requirements in that situation; the performance case can supply the whole 1A at 5V that USB expects if the rest of the case isn’t using it.

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Thanks for the info! definitely learned something new with this module you’ve shared. Will definitely have to look into the power specs to see if this is a fit.

Have a good weekend!

I might add that the Performance case usb is a USB type B receptacle, and I expect the same to be true of the MPK, so you will not be able to connect them. USB protocol (before the newer ones) requires that one connection is host (type A connector) and the other is client (type B connector).