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Intellijel Pedal I/O 1U System


Have some fun patching your modular through your favorite stompboxes!

Technical ​Specifications
Pedal I/O​ ​IN​ ​jack:
● Input level = 0 dBV nominal, +17 dBV max
●Input impedance = 60 KΩ
● Gain = -30 dB to -20 dB
● RF filter protected
Pedal​ ​I/O​ ​Jack​ ​SEND​ ​(or​ ​7U​ ​Case​ ​Adapter​ ​OUT):
● Output level = -20 dBV to -30 dbV nominal based on Send Level
● Output impedance = 12 KΩ to simulate the impedance of magnetic guitar pickup
Pedal I/O​ ​Jack​ ​RETURN​ ​(or​ ​7U​ ​Case​ ​Adapter​ ​IN):
● Input level = -20 dBV to -30 dBV nominal based on Return Level
● Input impedance = 1 MegΩ
● Return Gain = fully off to +30 dB
● RF filter protected
Pedal I/O​ ​MIX​ ​jack:
● Output level = 0 dBV nominal, +17dB max
● Output impedance = 100Ω
● Frequency response is 20Hz to 22KHz
● THD = 0.002% to 0.085% at Vin = 0dBV to +17dBV
(Pedal In to Pedal Out, Mix = effect, Return Level = min, Send Level = max)
THD = 0.04% to 4.0% at Vin = 0dBV to +17dBV
(Pedal In to Pedal Out, Mix = effect, Return Level = max, Send Level = max)

all the specs are at the end of the manual


Would you recommend to use the pedal i/o system also as a direct output?


It can be used for that, yes.


Is it possible to use it as vocal microphone input ??


If your mic doesn’t need phantom power then it should work, yes


I understand pedals usually require/have unbalanced ins and outs. But can I use the Pedal I/O module for hardware effects with balanced ins and outs, too? At the moment, trying just that gives me all kinds of noises.

Thank you!


You can use it for balanced line level but you will have one legged signals (i.e. -6dB)

Should be no problems with noise.