Intellijel Pedal I/O 1U System

Have some fun patching your modular through your favorite stompboxes!

Technical ​Specifications
Pedal I/O​ ​IN​ ​jack:
● Input level = 0 dBV nominal, +17 dBV max
●Input impedance = 60 KΩ
● Gain = -30 dB to -20 dB
● RF filter protected
Pedal​ ​I/O​ ​Jack​ ​SEND​ ​(or​ ​7U​ ​Case​ ​Adapter​ ​OUT):
● Output level = -20 dBV to -30 dbV nominal based on Send Level
● Output impedance = 12 KΩ to simulate the impedance of magnetic guitar pickup
Pedal I/O​ ​Jack​ ​RETURN​ ​(or​ ​7U​ ​Case​ ​Adapter​ ​IN):
● Input level = -20 dBV to -30 dBV nominal based on Return Level
● Input impedance = 1 MegΩ
● Return Gain = fully off to +30 dB
● RF filter protected
Pedal I/O​ ​MIX​ ​jack:
● Output level = 0 dBV nominal, +17dB max
● Output impedance = 100Ω
● Frequency response is 20Hz to 22KHz
● THD = 0.002% to 0.085% at Vin = 0dBV to +17dBV
(Pedal In to Pedal Out, Mix = effect, Return Level = min, Send Level = max)
THD = 0.04% to 4.0% at Vin = 0dBV to +17dBV
(Pedal In to Pedal Out, Mix = effect, Return Level = max, Send Level = max)

all the specs are at the end of the manual


Would you recommend to use the pedal i/o system also as a direct output?

It can be used for that, yes.

Is it possible to use it as vocal microphone input ??

If your mic doesn’t need phantom power then it should work, yes

I understand pedals usually require/have unbalanced ins and outs. But can I use the Pedal I/O module for hardware effects with balanced ins and outs, too? At the moment, trying just that gives me all kinds of noises.

Thank you!

You can use it for balanced line level but you will have one legged signals (i.e. -6dB)

Should be no problems with noise.

is there a way to convert stompboxes and pedals to modules? I’ve seen several youtube videos on the subject, but I couldn’t solder to save my soul…If not you guys, do you know of a company that will do this for you (send in a pedal and a certain amount of money and get a module back)? If so, would you recommend them?

Also, would intellijel ever consider making a module that can do some basic pedal effects? on my shortlist would be: tremolo/wahwah, screamer, distortion/overdrive, fuzz, and maybe a few others. Can the rainmaker do this? I know virtually nothing about it.
I would love to be able to patch the effects into themselves, so maybe could you guys have it be a part of your micro series, and just be able to select only one function, but have multiple modules? I think this would be really cool and would appreciate it a lot.

The Pedal IO is probably the best way to get pedals talking to other modules. It may be possible to convert some pedals, but I haven’t seen too many instances of that. One issue is that the PCBs are usually designed for the pedal form factor and so they’re a lot more spacious than most modules.

We do have some effects that are loosely based on some classic pedal circuits, notably the distortions in a few of our filters like the Morgasmatron.

A tremolo can be achieved by modulating a VCA with an LFO or looping envelope.

Wah/wah can be achieved by modulating a bandpass filter with resonance turned up.

the main reason I don’t want to have external pedals is power. Clutter would also be an issue though…

so is there some simple thing that can convert a eurorack power slot into one or more pedal power plugs?

Not that I know of, but that would be a good idea for a 1U tile

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@kamil could we do that for the pedal send/return, or as an expander? I would totally buy that as an updated version!

I’ve added it to the list of 1U module ideas :slight_smile: