Intellijel Palette 4U 104hp connectivity to 1U Audio I/O

Does one of you guys know more about the connectivity of those two named in the title ?
Asking since I currently have both in front of me, desperately trying to connect module to case, not finding the 12 pin socket which this module would need to be able to use the 6.3mm jack in and outs on the Palette.

P.s. Total modular beginner here.

If you mean the old, discontinued 1U module, the Palette manual states that it is incompatible.

Yea thats the one I got.
I was told that there was a way to worl around this using jumper cables.
Does one of you know more about that ?

The module uses a 10-pin socket. The case uses two 6-pin sockets. I suppose there is a way to split the ribbon cable that came with the module, but I don’t know what that is, sorry. It doesn’t seem like the kind of thing one could just buy a jumper or Y-cable for, considering the incompatibility in the number of pins, but I admit I haven’t looked very hard for such a thing. You’ll probably have to split the cable by hand, replace the socket with two smaller sockets, making you sure you match each wire to the correct pin, and figure out what, if anything, needs to be done to get 5 wires to work with 6 pins.

If I were you, I’d sell it and get the new modules. You’ll gain 4HP of space out of it.

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@mrhooks is correct. If you wanted to connect the Audio IO 1U to the Palette 104HP case you would have to make a custom ribbon cable that would go from the 10-pin header on the Audio IO 1U to the two 6-pin headers on the Palette. A diagram with the pin configuration has been shared on other threads, but I’ll share it here for reference.


Looking at this pin out diagram and wondering if I could use some of the i2c cables I’ve got to route the signal from a 1u out tile to a single 6.35mm trs jack on my 4u palette?

I almost never use balanced connections, either going to a di box or to a pedal or unbalanced input on a mixer, so I don’t think that losing the out of phase signal will make any odds? Is there anything in the output circuit that will be compromised by leaving the inverted signal unpatched?

If it works I’d probably want to do the same for my pedal I/O and the ins, and then l’d have a spare 6.35mm socket for another pair of ins or outs. This halves the I/O footprint, or more greedily, doubles the I/O potential of the case. I bet I’m not the only one who would appreciate this?