Intellijel meteropolis not pulsing

Hi intelliweb, Hope you are WELL
My metropolis isnt pulsing as expected. I’m probably doing something wrong but happy to hear all suggestions.
Keep Safe.

This is a pretty vague description, best thing would be to email a video (or link to a video) of the issue to

you keep safe as well!

Sorry to be so vague. It’s just that when metropolis is in the pulse repeat mode:

" REPEAT - The gate output is repeatedly pulsed high based on the current STEP/DIV setting and the PULSE COUNT value for that stage."

I’m not getting the repeats/pulses

I have tried it on all the step/div options and it simply gives one pulse.
(It is probably me) but I’m struggling
many thanks

Totally my fault.
Gate time was toooo long (I’m sat in a wheelchair and at a fixed height that label was obscured (In my defence)


Glad to hear you could sort it out @atomic101!