Intellijel LPG 1U - review

I recieved my two LPG 1U modules a few days ago. I am very impressed. My motivation to buy them was in hopes of them replacing my LXd (if they sounded right), and freeing up 4HP of 3U space.
So here are my thoughts on the comparision.
To begin with the LXd has two different LPGs - a 12db/oct (2-pole) and a 6db/oct (1-pole). The LPG 1U is only 6db/oct (1-pole). I have always found the 2-pole LPG to be too harsh, and too fast. If I wanted that sound, I can get it with the fastest AD envelope on the latest Quadrax, and a 2-pole LPF and a trusty Intellijel VCA. Even though this would be more complex of a patch - it has better controls. So, my real desire is to have two of the 1-pole LPGs in LXd… and this is where the Intellijel LPGs are perfectly up to the task. The other physical differences are that the LXd requires power, and has a strike input.
The Intelljel LPGs sound excellent. I find they are even slower than the LXd 1-pole. For me - slower is better - if I wanted fast, I’d just use a VCA - I want to hear that Vactrol! Sending just a trigger from my sequencer - which is basically a “ping” - it has a wonderful decay to it.
The Intellijel LPG has a much brighter attack, and has a slightly brighter decay than the LXd. It sounds much closer to what I have heard of the Buchla 292e and Easel LPGs. Because it is so slow, I find that it is much easier to make it float - ie. never close - when sending it a lot of very fast pings. But this little quirk makes the LPG 1U very unique. It does something you just can’t get out of a VCF/VCA very easily. Sending it varying levels of voltage, between 5V and 1V, has a nice effect on lowering the output level and lowering the cutoff proportionally, but does not change the decay rate. This is where the LXd is slightly more defined. You can almost use CV voltage level as a filter cutoff on the LXd, where the LPG1U is less pronounced.
But for an inexpensive 6HP 1U module - this is fantastic. If I was really focused on these complex details for an LPG - I think I’d invest in a Rabid Elephant Natural Gate (good luck finding one), or a RYO Aperature (haha… again… good luck finding one).
The LXd is an excellent module, but replacing it with two of the new LPG 1U modules, I’ve gained 8HP, which along with some other optimizations, allows me to focus on larger, more complex modules for my 3U real estate.
Cheers to Intellijel! I look forward to more great 1U developments!


Thanks the review!

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Thanks for the review!

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Excellent review.

I will need the space in my 1u row soon for something new, thinking of building little LEGO cases for the 2 I got, use them a bit like the magnetic robot “puck” mult intelljel used to sell.

Will report back with pics when done


hey, just signed up here to say thank you for the write up. exactly what i was looking for!

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