Intellijel Case Jacks & Befaco Stmix

Heya everyone!
Curious if anyone here has tried connecting the Befaco Stmix (stereo mixer) modules to the jacks on the 7U or Palette cases…
Looks like the Befaco Stmix has a 6 pin output connector on the back similar to the 6 pin on Intellijel Stereo Line Out modules.
Could be a fun option to connect to the Intellijel case output jacks if there’s heavy stereo panning or quad setups.

Thanks for any feedback on this! :v:

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You should be able to do so; The Befaco output connector supplies the L Out on pin 2 and the R Out on pin 5, both coupled through a 56K resistor. Do keep in mind that these are inverted outputs and not the same as those on the front panel, which are in phase with the input signals.

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Ah ok! So the L is gonna be the R and the R is gonna be the L on the final outputs?
Cheers & thanks!

No, no!

L = L and R = R, but the phase is inverted from the input. Therefore if you try mixing these with other input signals you may experience phase cancellation problems.

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