Intellijel Cascadia Speculation

What is the Cascadia?


There’s some fun guessing going on over at Mod Wiggler:

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For real though. I have one idea what it might be, but I’m keeping my cards close to my chest for now just in case.

Because if this is what I think it is…

My guess is an ASR of some sort…(someone on Modwiggler already suggested that). The Mutamix was discontinued not that long ago so sort of a mutamix/shifty type of circuit?

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People thinking definitely a module? Not like… a shapely, convex, tiered monster case? Definitely 3u?

Plog & Quad Inv too, riffing on discontinued functionality.

…but looking to the recent 1u releases, I tend to agree /lean toward the name’s gonna be more of a reference to the circuitry :wink:


I think this is a good guess, though would that crossover functionality-wise with Quadrax too much, which is currently very successful and very high in demand…?

Right now my money is on a delay network of some sort…I want it to be a new complex digital VCO but doubting it based on the name…

One MW member guessed a full voice module/system…???

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Usually their cases are pretty well named

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Someone suggested a matrix mixer of some sort and that’s basically the idea I’m suggesting maybe some sort of Plog style logic with a mixer? To sort of take different timbres and a melody and “cascade” those sounds ASR style. It’s sort of what Shifty does but maybe something more elaborate?

Could be a really nice effect module also, like a Rainmaker style reverb.

Maybe I’m overthinking it :sweat_smile:!

Sorry to disappoint you all, but it’s a physically modelled sousaphone :wink:


My guess from the image and name is the next version of Rainmaker… hopefully more streamlined and more powerful. Dare to dream!

Quantum AI polka generator


Didn’t they already do this with Metropolix’s Easter egg mode?

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“Soon… (ish)” looks like it’s written in the same spaced-out pixel font that they only use for Shapeshifter’s display. The letters are 99% the same. Might be a deliberate choice if you believe they’re telegraphing hints on the module.

Wait. Metropolix has an easter egg mode?

I was making a joke, sorry for the dry humor.


You’re good. I still don’t know all the things my metropolix can do; automatically generating a polka seems completely within reason.

What does it mean? HHmmmmm

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Could this be the Intellijel monster case? Cascadia = Case-cadia? And I assume it will be tall like the trees shown in the teaser image? The test screen in the Instagram story seems to suggest it is powered from an outlet, ie not a module, but it could also be a stand-alone synth.

Edit: just saw other case discussion above

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A stand-alone synth?

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