Intellijel Buff Mult -- New design, logo?

I received a new buff mult this week from a US retailer. Strange thing is–I’ve never seen this design before and it’s sporting a new logo (just the robot head). Picture below shows the one I’ve owned for a couple of years on the left; and the one I just received on the right.

The Intellijel site and all the retailers I looked at all show the version on the left. And a google image search didn’t turn up anything either.

Is this some new Buff Mult Mk2? jk…board revision is the same.
Is Intellijel shifting to a new design for this and/or future modules?
Is this actually an -old- version?

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Same circuit, new logo for all the 2hp and 4hp modules. Same logo is also on the Qx.
Small evolution of design language (consistent triangles used for normals, black boxes for unamed outputs etc.) This matches recent versions of 1U and the Palette built in mults.

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Thank you for the quick response.
It sounds like I’m on the cutting edge then!

@Danjel, so if I were to order a new panel for my older Buff Mult would I receive the new one and not the one shown on the website? And can I only get panels direct from Intellijel or do you distribute through retailers? (I’d like to avoid int’l shipping costs if possible.)

Thank you.

Yes new panel direct from us would be the new style. We are the only source.

I see the 1U Buff Mult is getting the updated style as well. I assume this is why it’s out of stock everywhere. Any ETA on when it will be available again in the USA? Thanks :smiley: