Intellijel Audio I/O and Guitar

Hey guys,

I have a question and was wondering if anyone here could be chime in. I’m interested in getting the Intellijel Audio I/O to get audio to / from my modular, DAW, keyboards Etc. With that Id also like to be able to plug Guitar with pedals directly into the modular. I know this module is mainly for line level to modular but I was wondering if anyone has tried it for just plugging an instrument in direct. I have seen videos of users plugging Guitar directly into Intellijel cases that has the 1u I/O module and do this, just wasn’t sure if that was similar to the 3u Audio I/O module or if the case input was doing anything to help with level and impedance.

It says this module has up to 20DB of gain so Im assuming that would be more than enough but I just wanted to get some feedback before I purchase. I know I could get a separate module for instrument to modular, but im running low in my case and was hoping to do this all with the intellijel I/O

Thanks in advance!

The 3U I/O functions the same is the 1U I/O or the 1U stereo ins/outs modules. Incoming signals will be boosted to eurorack levels coming in (or reduced in volume if you prefer), and outgoing signals can similarly be sent out hot or attenuated. You would be fine plugging a guitar directly into the 3U I/O, although personally (if you have an intellijel case) I’d also get the 1U pedal send/return. That way, you can use some modules to process the guitar signal, and some guitar pedals to process sound generated by the rack.

Perfect.Thanks so much Steve!