Intellijel 7U Performance Case HISS


I recently purchased the 7U Case 104HP and I seem to be getting a lot of hiss - I was wondering if this is a power issue or a cable issue? I’m using dual 1/4" TS Jack to 1/4" TRS Jack Insert Cable and plugging them straight into my audio interface focusrite 18i8 - Its strange because I only have the Morphagene plugged into the case and the Intellijel 1U Stereo Out.

Hope you guys can help!

Why are you using an insert cable rather than a pair of TRS cables? I suspect that might be part of the problem.

What is an insert cable?

I’m new to all of this so pardon me if i’m a little slow. I definitely bought these by mistake. I will get a pair of TRS cables tomorrow morning and see if this works better. Anyways, I’m hoping its a cable issue and not a power issue. Will update you on the progress.

Would Balanced Jack (TRS) cables do the job?:


TRS to dual TS cables can be used as stereo to dual mono splitters or insert cables depending on the context. The 1/4" jacks on the case are each meant to be a balanced mono TRS output when used with the Stereo Line Out 1U module. So you should ideally connect a TRS cable from each output to two inputs on your Scarlett.

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Thank you Scott.

Hearing this makes a lot more sense. I’ll get the pair of TRS cables and let you know what’s up.

Your help is greatly appreciated!!!

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No worries Adam! You can also always e-mail for tech support stuff.

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Hey Scott,

So I followed your instruction and bought the pair of balanced mono TRS cables (see link below) and I’m still getting the same hiss. I even used a different audio interface but the problem isn’t disappearing.

Could it be the power in the case or could it be a faulty module?

Might be the Morphagene, it’s notoriously noisy. Do you also get a lot of hiss when the Morphagene isn’t part of the signal chain?

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Hey Flieher,

Thank for jumping on this!

Yes, I was wondering if it’s normal to hear a small noise/hiss from the module itself or if it should be dead silent?

The hiss definitely disappears when the Morphagene isn’t being used - but when I plug it in the Stereo Line Out 1U module I can hear it again. I don’t think it’s the 1U module and now also starting to doubt that its the case.

Yep definitely the Morphagene then. It’s important to pay attention to proper gain staging within the module itself, so the noise floor stays relatively low. Have you tried the new firmware? It offers some improvements in this regard, including the option to set the gain manually, which did the job for me.