Intellijel 7U Performance Case audio jacks questions

I’m thinking of pulling the trigger on a 7U case, but haven’t yet decided on the size. Normally I’d go for 84HP for better portability but my opinion might be swayed depending on some specs of the output jacks (which will reveal if the 84HP 1U row will be big enough or not).

I’ve read the manual for the Audio I/O 1u tile but remain unsure if I can use unbalanced TS cables with the ins and outs mounted on the case. I’m also unsure if I can use the Audio I/O inputs with guitars and pedals of if I absolutely need something like the Pedal I/O for this.

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Hi Zanscath,

Sounds exciting!

The 1U Audio IO jacks and case jacks are TRS connections. TS cables will work, but they will be more susceptible to noise.

Instruments and pedals provide a high impedance signal which will not be matched by the inputs on the case or 1U jacks so things may sound different or even distorted. For this use the Pedal IO would be recommended.

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So in theory, TS cables and high impedance signals are usable though probably don’t give best results.

Thanks! This would probably give me a window of time to work without the Pedal I/O but will probably require me to think bigger in the long run.

My 1/4" audio i/o on the back of the case require being half inserted, in order to work with TS cables. Wondering if I have the audio i/o module plugged in incorrectly…

Interesting. That’s exactly why I’m asking about this. There are a lot of situations where I can see myself connecting to devices that won’t accept a balanced output properly. I imagine plugging the audio i/o wrong would have other effects.

In action, somewhere in the Serbian wilderness. TS cables work just fine, I’m glad to say.


Huh. Guess I’ll check the little cable orientation on mine. Played live w/ my 7U the other day and had the same issue of a TS having to be half inserted.

If it helps, the output of the case was going to a device with TS inputs. Destination might matter too.

First post - and apologies for this probably not being an interesting contribution…

I’m going from a Palette case to 7U/84 (when a new batch makes it to the UK).

I’ve got the old µMIDI 1U + µMIDI JACKS, and Stereo Line Out 1U as a connector to 1/4" stereo out.

Will I just transfer these 1U modules to the new 7U case? Or will I need the updated µMIDI?

Welcome to the forum!

The µMIDI 1U and Stereo Line Out 1U will connect to the 7U 84HP case with no problems. The µMIDI Jacks 1U won’t really be necessary unless you want to add another µMIDI 1U or MIDI 1U module.

Thanks, Scott! I can now focus my general modular confusion elsewhere :slight_smile: