Intellijel 7U I/O vs Elektron Digitakt - noise?

Not sure if this is a Digitakt issue or an Intellijel issue, but I get quite a lot of hiss out of my Intellijel 1U I/O module in the 7U case before I even plug any audio into the module.

I’ve tried with the output on my Make Noise Shared System - both the built in output and a Rosie module - and it’s totally clean. I’ve not had any other noise issues with the DT inputs.

I’m not sure if it’s power issues in some way - I’m clueless about such things. But then the MN case is plugged into the same wall output as the Intellijel case.

Suggestions welcome!

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Are you using balanced cables? Sometimes hisses like that can be a grounding issue.

I was using a TRS cable. Is it better to use non-TRS?

Tried it with my highest quality non-TRS guitar cable… silent. :+1:


TRS cables are generally recommended with our cases, but noise/power/grounding issues are a complex beast.

It seems the digitakt inputs are unbalanced, so that’s probably why.

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