Intellijel 4U Palette 104 case out to Genelecs

Hi all,

I have two palette cases and try to figure out what is the easiest way to make use of the trs audio jacks to route my signal to my active speakers. I own the discontinued combination of the Audio I/O 1U and Audio I/O Jacks 1U for my bigger MDLR case. My question is:

Can I simply connect the Audio I/O to my new palette so O can take the trs signal and send that to my Genelecs? Or is that not possible easily?

If it’s not possible what is the best 1U Solution? Intellijel 1U Stereo Out?

Thanks for your help…

The original Audio IO 1U is not compatible with the Palette cases, you would have to replace it with the Stereo Line In/Out 1U modules. However, since you have the Audio IO Jacks 1U module you could still use that with the Audio IO 1U then use the 4 TRS jacks on the case for something else. For instance you could get 2 Pedal IOs for a stereo pedal send/return.

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Ok, thanks Scott!