Installing Stereo Out 1U in Palette case - how?

I can’t figure out how the 6-pin connector from the Stereo Out to the bus board in the Palette is supposed to be installed. Here’s a photo:

The cone end of the foot makes it impossible to insert the connector straight.

Is there a trick to popping out the foot reversibly?

Please refer to page 8 of the instruction manual that can be found at the bottom of Palette page on the intellijel website.

Hope this help

That’s weird, I don’t remember that being in the way at all. Manufacturing defect?

Update: after staring at it from more angles with better light and fresh eyes, I was able to get the connector in. It JUST clears the foot - there’s not enough room to even slide a piece of paper between the foot and the connector…

Yeah it’s a bit of a tight squeeze, that’s the challenge with making a very compact case with a lot of features :slight_smile:

In case anyone else runs into this, it’s much easier to do if you remove the middle rail in the case.