Insane shipping costs estimation

I added a 7U 84 HP gigbag (price : $99) to my cart and the shipping estimation to Japan was between $155 and $320.

Is this a bug in the estimations for Japan or is the shipping cost really that insane ?
I got really high estimations for just one module too…

I didn’t notice the bags were added to the shop until I read this so thanks for posting.

I too am seeing shipping prices that are quite high for shipping the gig bag. I am located in USA, Missouri. Shipping to 63141 is shown below.

Shipping for other items, minus the gig bag, seem to be reasonable so I suspect some type of issue on the bags.

yikes! Looks crazy, I will take a look at this. When I calculated this manually on DHL it was quoting prices of around $44USD to ship anywhere in the USD next day air.

Hey Guys,

Please try it again. It looks like there was a bug with our DHL API in converting units from Metric to Imperial.

Bags should cost about $20-30 to ship to the US for example.

And to Europe?

I’m still getting quite high prices : minimum of $71.
I was going to order the gig bag online but unless the shipping ends up being more reasonable I’ll have to wait until a local retailer gets some for a normal price…

Cart totals
Subtotal $99.00
Xpresspost International - approx. 5–6 days: $172.53
Priority Worldwide parcel International: $345.10
Local Pickup at Burnaby / Vancouver BC location only
DHL: $71.48
Calculate shipping

Total $271.53

Btw, I can’t see the modules in the shop portion of the website anymore (I wanted to check shipping costs for a module too). I mean, the link is there but the page is blank after that, maybe a bug too ?
Edit : that’s just from the links on the top, I managed to get to the modules pages from other links and shipping costs for modules seem normal.

I tried again. Here are the results to 63141. Still seems a bit funky.

Hi Jfb,

That is normal pricing. It is a pretty giant box so $37.89 next day via DHL is pretty good.

Hi Oscillateur,

Shipping costs are significantly lower than before tweaking the website. Unfortunately shipping to Japan is very pricey from Canada. Even a small module costs a lot to ship there. The $71 via DHL is probably the best price you can get so I guess you will need to wait for a local dealer.

The problem with the cases is that although they are light in weight their volumetric size is large.

I didn’t realize the $37.89 was next day since it simply says DHL and doesn’t have an approx. time range like the other options. If you’re telling me I can get it shipped for $37.89 via DHL one day, that’s great. It still seems a bit odd since the other options are more expensive and take longer. Either way, the bags look awesome, I appreciate them being a part of the product line and look forward to putting my 7u 104hp Intellijel Performance Cases in them.

Our DHL pricing is heavily discounted due to a volume deal we negotiated. It’s really the best value for these orders. A few modules only cost about $15-20 to ship next day anywhere in the US which is a pretty sweet deal.

Awesome. Thanks for clarity. Amazon Prime has me spoiled, so it’s nice to know I can get my Intellijel fix in a similar fashion.