Ins&outs on the 7U cases

Do the 7U cases have a bulit-in headphone output? Or do we need to use the separate 1U headphone module for output?

From a previous post on connecting the audio I/O module it sounds like a ribbon cable is missing and needs to be purchased separately. Does this connect to the iU headphone module?

There is no manual for these Eurorack cases, which would be helpful

No, there’s no headphone out on the cases. There’s Audio I/O, USB, and MIDI in out & thru. In order to take advantage of these connections you need the corresponding 1U tile. I believe they should come with the required ribbon cables.

So yes, you would need the 1U Headphone Out.

Thanks for the reply Scott. I think i understand the need for the ‘Audio I/O 1U’ module. So is it possible to have the ‘Audio I/O 1U’ and the ‘Headphones 1U’ module in the same 7U 104hp Intellijel case together?

It looks like the ‘Headphones 1U’ module is also a stereo out.

Yeah totally! 104HP gives you plenty of room for both. In my Demo 84HP systems I have Audio IO and Headphone outs in both! After the Audio IO and Headphone out you would have 70HP to work with for things like the µMIDI, Quadratt, Noise Tools, and Digiverb.

The Headphone out doesn’t interact with the Out jacks, it has it’s IO in the 1U panel so it doesn’t conflict with the Audio IO.

Good news. Thanks for clearing that up.

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