Input jack for TPS80w power bus board

I am replacing an under-powered supply in my Monorocket case with the Intellijel TPS80w. This will be powered with a MeanWell GSM90A15-P1M power brick, as recommended and sold by Intellijel. The old input jack on my case is a 2.1mm inner-diameter, but this supply needs a 2.5mm.

I am running into a wall with finding the correct input jack. Searches keep pointing me to something like the Switchcraft 712A. The size is correct, but I am wondering about the ratings. The Meanwell brick is rated at 6A current and 12VDC. The jack is rated at 5A and 48v.

I don’t know whether this discrepancy in current will be a problem.
And if so, anyone have any suggestion as to what jack would work? What does Intellijel use for their Power Entry modules?

Brian Biggs

Check this category on Digikey:

Then search filter by “Barrel Plug, 2.5mm I.D. x 5.5mm O.D. x 11.0mm”, then sort / filter by current rating. You should be able to find a suitable connector for your case.

Yes thanks that’s what led to the question. Nothing over 5A. But I solved it - the board only draws 3A so it’s moot.