Industrial Plonk

Can Plonk make glitchy, industrial sounds without post FX?
like a railgun test fire, train derailment, factory hydraulic press, short circuit


I would say yes. Especially when you take advantage of the new Bitcrusher and Saturation features. Randomizing the settings quickly can create some glitchy sounds, and sending super fast CV modulation can produce some crazy results. We were using Plonk to test Quadrax yesterday and coming up with some sounds I’d never heard it make before.

Regarding those specific examples, I would say Plonk would be more suited to making the Factory Hydraulic Press and Short Circuit type sounds using the noise exciter and shaping the envelope. Railgun Test Fire and Train Derailment seem like they would be more effective to approach with sampling, personally.


Thanks, my examples are just to say I want dark, industrial, glitchy sounds. Not so keen on marimba or xylophone.

I’ll have to pick one up along with a Quadrax.

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Also sounds like a good challenge to showcase darker sounds in a future video!