In praise of Multi-FX 1U

I just wanted to show some respect to, and gratitude for, the Multi-FX 1U. I love the simplicity of the design/ergonomics and the sound quality always surprises me. At first I felt silly buying a digital reverb/delay/chorus when I already have “the box” but this little one is really something else. Bonus: it takes feedback patching on the chin like a champ. Thank you Intellijel.


I agree, I have been experimenting with various effects options and nothing has stood to replace Multi-FX, which was the first Euro effects unit I ever bought. I have found the simplicity and ease of use of the delay to be quite rare (I personally do not feel delays necessarily need to be complicated to be useful); the feedback is quality too. I think I have used its chorus a hundred times. And the reverb, while not top-notch, is surprisingly close and perfect in most applications; it also performs exceptionally well at long decay times. I have two Multi-FXs and I don’t see myself getting rid of either of them. :blush:

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glad you guys are liking it! I can’t disclose who designed the algorithms for Accubel, but I can say it is from a very well-respected guitar pedal designer in the U.S. :wink:


Multi-FX 1U all the way! I tell everyone about it and people always ask at Modular on The Spot performances what the FX were that I used.
There’s already so much information in most patches that à very basic FX vibe (basic like a guitar pedal) does wonders.
Dig it so much I bought a second!
Cheers, Intellijel! :v:

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Just wanted to chime in and express my appreciation too.
The Multi-FX 1U get’s surprisingly little coverage.

I’m mostly using it as end-of-chain reverb and don’t need modulation via CV. In contrary, I love the simple no fuss controls. Great stereo field, thoughtful choice of parameters. Pre-delay, low-pass filter, decay — what more do you need (and I believe there is a high pass filter baked in, which is great).

It actually reminds me a lot of the ALESIS MicroVerb II that i used in the past as a compact end-of-chain reverb. [Pre: CCW, tone: 12.30, decay: 2.30] brings you very close to the ‘Large 3’ on the MicroVerb.
If I’m not mistaken, there is quite some ALESIS DNA in the chips and software, which would explain this too.

My other favourite setting is [Pre: 11.30, tone: 11.30, decay: 3.30].
Mostly using it in combination with Nearness for wet/dry control of various signals.

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Interesting dial notes! I find myself more often than not using the reverb with 9:30-10:00 tone, 2:00-2:30 decay, and dry/wet around 1:30 (I’m clearly a fan of big, dark, ambient verb).

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