IEC cable for Meanwell brick

Is it fine to use any IEC cable with the Meanwell bricks included with the Intellijel 7U cases? I was looking at getting some longer power cables and instead of using an extension cable was just going to get a longer IEC cable.

I was looking at these cables from Monoprice:

I think I also may even already have a long IEC cable in a box in my basement that I need to dig for, I just wanted to verify that it was OK to use any old cable that might have come from a PC/monitor over the years or other device. I feel like it should be but I’m hesitant to plug in a bunch of expensive gear if it isn’t safe.

Yup, any IEC cable should do the trick as long as it has a 3-prong connection and doesn’t have a weird shape. You can even get cables with connectors for the configurations used in the EU and UK and such.

Awesome thanks for the quick reply Scott.

Another question if you happen to see this…do you by chance know if the 90W power brick itself is available in the US anywhere? I know it is on Intellijel’s site but the shipping from CAN to US is about the cost of the brick itself. I was considering grabbing an extra one to be able to keep in the living room.

Yes it is available through a few electonics parts stores. Just search for the Meanwell GSM90W.